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How Can You Help?

Laadli4Be a change maker to transform the existing landscape of your society.
Start by raising your concern on this issue in various public fora, write letters to the editor, be a part of the Resident Welfare Association, form a club with like-minded people, raise the issue at an existing club, at your workplace, religious and social gatherings, speak to your family members including your children and relatives, and in political and professional arenas to collectively generate public opinion on this critical issue of sex selection. The choices and options are limitless. Only then can societal apathy end. Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see".

Adopt a zero tolerance for sex selection.If you know of anyone indulging in it, report to Appropriate Authorities. Your vigilance will help save many girls and send out a strong message to those who err.

Value your daughter.
Each one of us can change our immediate environment by treating our daughters as equal to our sons. If each of us looks at the girl child with a changed mindset it will break the prevailing social apathy.

Changing mindsets includes the attitudes and thinking processes for both girls and boys.
Girls need, and should expect, equal access to education, nutrition, health, employment and productive resources. Boys and men should perceive girls not as subservient beings but as empowered individuals who are equal partners. This change can happen in homes, schools and work-places! Initiate it.


Rita is 17 years old. She was brought from a village near the Bihar-Bengal border. Rita lost her mother and was brought up by her grandparents who sold her to an agent (who brought her to Haryana). Rita has been back to her village to get brides for other boys in her husband's family. Her husband is eldest of four brothers and he is putting pressure on her to get very young girls for his younger brothers.

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