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I pledge to stand against female foeticide!Almighty give us birth..so no single human being has any rights to take away the chance to see this world from the unborns! Girls has equal rights as dat of bots abd this has to be understood by everyone!

Princy    ///  Karnal

Hello, I am doing a project for my college class on this subject, how can i help?

Arian Hanifi    ///  Thornton Colorado

Female foeticide, or rather the concept of foeticide as a whole should be eliminated from our society. The thought itself must be turned into a myth, one that is nothing but a nightmare. I hope my child would never have to know of such ills.

Preety Marndi    ///  Bokaro Steel City

Ma Papa.. I have a heart to love you the most, to take your pains, to take away your stress, to make you smile when no one else can.....I am the reason behind the continuation of the world... LET ME LIVE..and i promise to be there for you..FOREVER

Pooja Paliwal    ///  Jaipur

Selection of sex is unethical. every girl child has a right to live.

namita    ///  noida

Save girl so u can save yourself

Mayank Purohit    ///  Beawar

strictly against it

abhishek purohit    ///  ludhiana

i also want to b a part of this ngo....n want to help al women with full faith n dignity

ankita samanta    ///  mumbai

mamm i just want to post my article which i have return based on girl......so plzzz do help me...how i can post....it

ankita samanta    ///  mumbai

A Girl can be a Mother,Sister,Wife,Girlfriend and even God so why not a Daughter.

Dhananja    ///  Delhi

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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