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Please stop female foeticide..Daughters are precious...Save girl child!!!

Amey Joshi    ///  Pune

Punishment For Female harresment is Hang the harraser

gyanendra pal    ///  mumbai

i pledge.

rakesh patel    ///  anand

Men come from Mothers, Mothers were once Daughters. The cycle of life will come to an end- If daughters are slaughtered.

Deepanker Saxena    ///  rajpura punjab

I pledge my support to stop this crime

Akash    ///  Patiala

Hello, I am Ashish Mishra. I pledge to stand against female foeticide. Even I had made an organisation to fight back agains these social evils. You may join us at www.facebook.com/YoungIndiaYouthLeague or follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/AshishMishra_AM

Ashish Mishra    ///  Saharsa

We dnt frgt before sex classification we all r human being.......we should respect n care for every Human being ...we dnt hav any right to choose who is born .

Meenakshi    ///  delhi

i myself is a student of class VII. but i understand this situation. lets do it together my friends. I PLEGDE MY SUPPORT AGAINST FEMALE FOETICIDE

Shresth Kumar    ///  delhi

I am fully against the people who make differences between girl and boy, I have only one child that's Girl and I love her, I will request to all please respect your girl child and let them live life, they are gifted by GOD.

Sanjay Tak    ///  Bangalore

I pledege that i'll never avoid any girl child.

Sanket Jain    ///  Gondia

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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