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i pledge today that i respect women and will not at any cost involve in any case that would malign the name of women.. jai hind!

prajwal    ///  mysore

Proud to be a father of baby girl

Mayank Dewan    ///  Ambala

I swear my support against female foeticide.

Yurega    ///  Erode

A daughter is a blessing!

Minal Mahtani    ///  Hongkong

I pledge myself to help people understand how we should treat women.

hariprakash    ///  Trichy

I pledge to celebrate the girl child and stop this epidemic for killing them

Sandhiyan    ///  Chennai

I pledge my support against female foeticide

Avinav Chaubey    ///  Thane

whoever tries to kill a girl, just remember that they would not see the world if the same has been done to their mother

Nanditha    ///  hyderabad

My Support always and everytime

SHARANG PUN    ///  Kota

I pledge my support against female foeticide. Let's fight bravely against it and eradicate it completely.

Prakhyathi Masireddy    ///  Hyderabad

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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