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I pledge my support against female foeticide. How we educated people tolerate this.

Kuldeep Sharma    ///  Sonipat

I Pledge My Full Support for this Extraordinary Campaign....!! Just Keep Going Ahead...!! If Possible Plan Something for Our Small State Tripura. Here at Agartala city a megacampaign can be done in which I shall give full support....!!

S Saha    ///  Agartala

I want to meet your people to save girls child of my area.I am from jaisalmer and I want to said you that in my area specific caste which is Bhati Rajput kill their girls after birth from 600-700 years to till now.These cases are different from another case because these killings done by women at home after girl birth, thier society recognise that's type of things and they said proudly that we have no girls.I think you believe on me but for confirmation you visit on Google "devra village(Jaisalmer) merriage of girl after 108year. These type of cases happen at home because most of the delivery happen at home. I expect a positive response from you.i want to meet your people and discriptively discuss this issue. Please save my areas girls.

Rajpal singh    ///  New delhi

Preventing female foeticide , contributing to the society. Beeti ghar ki Lakshmi hai..

ABHILASH Jena    ///  Talcher

me and my friends has taken intiative to save the girl child by promoting in facebook. I request you to support our page. thank you. https://www.facebook.com/stopfemalefoeticide0/

manasa    ///  karimnagar

Stop killing girls

Akash    ///  Karimnagar

save her love her

Keshav Murthy    ///  Bangalore

I respect your work.It really admired me.The only issue that moves me most is female foeticide.I am glad that there is campaign like LAADLI to create a positive image of girl child. With your inspiration inorder to support your cause, we as a team created a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stopfemalefoeticide0/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel I pledge my support against female foeticide.We hope you will encourage us by liking our page.

navya bharathi    ///  VIJAYAWADA

I pledge my support against female foeticide.

Shrikrishna    ///  Pune

i am thankful to all those people associated with this organisation that have spoken against all odds and given a voiced belief to us women in general. I have always been fascinated and acknowledged the gender insecurities existing in our so called liberal minded society. So that said, i have myself started doing a whole doctorate so that i can create a difference by letting the world know how women have produced literature amidst chaos. i congratulate you on your brilliant initiatives and i can vividly see the time when women will no longer be endangered species. thanks to you!

Birjais Zahira    ///  Srinagar, J&K

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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