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A female who teaches us everything in many forms ie a mother, a friend , a sister , a teacher and what not so why kill female.SAVE GIRL CHILD

jitesh chhabra    ///  rudrapur

save baby child

Rajpal Saini    ///  karnal/indri

Stop female foeticide. . . . . .

Tanmay bindal    ///  Sadulpur

In my views, female foeticide is not good for our society, wo should don't kill child girl, n i want a daughter.... :D daughters are better than a son

Vivek Garg    ///  Hanumangarh town

SHE is life of many livies so let her live. SHE is very precious and we must not to lose her.

Mohit Sahai    ///  New Delhi

i am writing few lines on girl child killng..which are from my poem in the topic of girl child killing.. A Little Pearl.. I requsted her for a beautiful life; But she ignored me being someone's wife. What is my fault that i am a girl? please accept me i am a little pearl . By this i want to.convey that this world is because of girl love them respect them..n i pledge that i will be standing against support of female foeticide.

Poorvi Sharma    ///  Jabalpur

never be hate a girl child because first love you got from your mother

k raj kumar patra    ///  phulbani

Girls are way of our future don't stop birth of girls and i pledge i do not stop birth of girls

Prajapati fulesh    ///  Anand

Soo kqo manda aakhey jis jamme raajan" No Girls No future of this world..

Gurmeet Singh    ///  Ludhiana

I m against sex determination. daughters make the family complete.

Laxman    ///  Hubli

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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