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Equal value for all foetuses

Sharon McKee    ///  Dromore

I support

Ravindra Ambekar    ///  Mumbai

Assure the human life on the planet Earth, let the girl child born, she will let the humanity.. Longer..… forever.

Girish Miglani    ///  Bhopal

Always support anything for a good cause. Was raised by a single mum and i respect women. Have my support.

Lionel Richard    ///  pune

I am with u

prashant    ///  kolhapur

Say NO to sex selection!

Samir Shaikh    ///  Mumbai

I pledge my support against female foeticide. Its an evil act.

Amit Dipak Nachankar    ///  Mumbai

I do not want to give any message. because i already spreead these messages to nears one

Mohit    ///  pathankot

I Pledge My Support Against Female Foeticide .

Saikat Gupta    ///  Kolkata

I pledge my support against female foeticide. I became a Father of an Angel in May of this year, and I am very Proud of my Daughter. Its the best thing that has ever happend in my life, My Baby Girl.

Sijoy Raju    ///  Bangalore

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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