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Would like to raise voice against female foeticide and child sexual abuse

Deeksha Poojary    ///  Navi Mumbai

Still can't believe such an inhumane and gruesome practice is prevalent in our so called 'feminist' society.We must put an end to this horrific sin which misuses science to kill the very creation of God, Life.

Roopashi    ///  Dehradun

I pledge my support for female foeticide.

Dharmesh j raval    ///  Ahmedabad

If you want a kid then what's the point in whether its a girl or boy. Both are equal, society needs balance that can be created by giving equal importance to both girl and boys. If you educate a man that is you educate a man but if you educate a women that means you educate a generation.

Aditya Singh    ///  Ghaziabad

I pledge my support against female foeticide.

Anuroohi    ///  Pune

Hi, i seriously need your help. I know a family in Delhi janak puri area who tried to kill their baby girl in the womb on her mother after forcefully getting there pre marital sex determination . Although the mother was successful to save the girl child but the family is making attempts to kill the girl child or they want the mother of the girl to leave the house. Please i need to talk to you to help me solve this. Thanks

O.P Arora    ///  Delhi

I strongly feel that we all should unite to stop female feoticide.

Zeba Tabassum    ///  Delhi

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Rahul Chauhan    ///  bijnor

I pledge my support against female foeticide. How we educated people tolerate this.

Kuldeep Sharma    ///  Sonipat

I Pledge My Full Support for this Extraordinary Campaign....!! Just Keep Going Ahead...!! If Possible Plan Something for Our Small State Tripura. Here at Agartala city a megacampaign can be done in which I shall give full support....!!

S Saha    ///  Agartala

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27 lac crimes related to illegal sex determination.

Cases registered all over India 454, convictions 10 (Including penalties).

Time to act is now. Say NO to sex selection.

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